When I grow up . . .

I wanna be:

A dreamer
A follower of Christ
A motivational speaker
An eating disorder advocate
A disney character voice
A marathoner -*-*-*-*-*-
A successful musician
An author
An aerobics instructor
A talk show host
A giver of all things time and money
A saint
A lover
A best friend
An exquisite chef
An adventurer
An example
A learner
A teacher
A follower
A leader
A painter
A builder
A listener
A mother
A goddess

Good thing I still have 79 years in me . . .
Time to get crackin!


Karlie said...

Jules- you rock. This is awesome. Why o WHY has it been so long?! Hope you're doing great- I'd love to catch up sometime. Love you!

allie said...

seriously jules you freakin inspired me yesterday! i loved it, it was just what i needed...also, i HAVE to end up in cali, i just have to! i miss you and i'm gonna text you ALL the time now that i have your number again....long story short, my phone broke and only saved a handful of numbers, scouts honor i didn't like delete you or something....anyways, thanks for your post and thank you for introducing me to your sisters blog, she's incredible...you better be behaving yourself as a 21 year old now....love you jules

kara lynn said...

ah SUCH a good list! i need to make one of these.

so inspiring. THANKS for sharing!

much love,