My Familia . . .

*Jenny with our niece Nora*

is exceptionally wonderful.

We have our beautiful parents to thank for raising us but I am continually awe-struck by my sibling's abilities to live and lead such worth while lives.

I would like to focus on the oldest of the crew. She is 9 years older than I am and I look up to her immensely.  Everything about her is a work in perfection.  Is she perfect? no. But I AM convinced that she is one of the hardest working souls towards perfection.   Biased? i don't believe so. 

Jenny graduated with a Masters in Family and Marriage Therapy.  Helping people heal is her job.  She is a literal earthly angel to every single person she comes in contact with.  She is just beginning her own practice and does not only in-office therapy but Skype therapy with out of state clients.  How rad is that?? 
She just started her own blog to be a guide and a help for clients as well as every-day readers AKA you and me.

I visited with Jenny's co-worker and good friend Christy when I was in the slums of my life about 2 years ago.  I went to therapy weekly until it became every other week, eventually monthly, and now I have enough knowledge to keep me going with out a therapist every single day. 

Therapists and counselors don't always have the best reputation.  I feel like they are becoming more accepted but if people only understood how helpful they are in growing and getting out of those "stuck" moments of life, they would pay any amount to feel the freedom that I now feel.  Choosing the right person to help you heal is CRUCIAL, so if you feel the need to seek help then look around and make sure you get a good feeling about someone before you begin the long, joyous, and sometimes painful process of healing. 

I would recommend my sister to anybody I meet.  She specializes in addiction recovery and is one of the most REAL people you will ever meet. Check out her BLOG for some serious uplift, you will
 not. be. sorry.
And if you want to contact her even out of state, let me know and I will introduce you.

Allowing people to help us is such a humbling and rewarding life experience.  I couldn't be more grateful for the things that I learned in therapy. 

Isn't she a jem??
I love her :)


Esther Cahoon said...

I ADORE JENNY!!! Really awesome tribute to her, Julie! You're so great with words! Loved it! I think you're pretty FABULOUS as well! Miss and Love you! Here's sending a HUG your way!

Jenny Morrow said...

Well, imagine my surprise as I'm reading through your blog and..."wait that's me, that picture's me! Weird"...and then on I read, and not only the picture but the words a gracious gift of love from you. Thank you my sweet sister. It's strange to read the things you wrote about me as some are things I think about you. You have no idea how much your courage and vulnerability have strengthened me! They give me courage and help me to let God in to help myself and others. It really is all about connections. "Where two or more are gathered..." we can do this! I'm so grateful to know you more than I did a year ago, 2 years ago, and I can't wait to continue seeing you!

Much love,
your sister