soooo . . .

Since Ingrid does maybes, so can I.

Maybe it's going to be a good day EVEN though it's mighty overcast.

Maybe I need to be a lot less prideful.

Maybe I spent   t o o   much money on clothing last week.

Maybe I'm a lot more saddened than I think I am.
but . . then again
Maybe I'm a lot more happy than I think I am. (odd contradiction)

Maybe God needs to hear more sincerity realness at the close of my days. 

Maybe I feel confused at how surrounded by people I can be yet feel completely alone (cliche, I know)

Maybe this past month and a half of odd behavior and weird feelings has boiled down to that one feeling I found when I sunk down to my core to figure out what was wrong:

Maybe I feel unlovable. wince yep i found it.

Maybe I've decided that all I need is " me, my angels, and my guitar " because when I feel unlovable - - I act out in destructive ways.  Time to bring my soul home and recoup.

Pity me not!  I know I'm lovable, it's completely logical (i have a greeeeeat personality). I just feel differently at present. 

Love to give. love to give constantly. just waiting for the tide to come so I can finally let it pass.


Chad and Jordan Wilson said...

Jules. I love you. I have always admired your ability to express your feelings with words. I hope you remember that you are YOUNG and there are so many people in the world waiting to love you.

Jules Morrow said...

Jordan, you are amazing. Thank you for the constant kindness. I AM young. There is a lot of love to be had :) it's a nice feeling. I'm amazed at how surely you can KNOW something to be true, yet feel completely different. My old soul gets lonesome because it's pride seems to think no one else feels the same way. silly, really.

Rachel said...

Julie I want to say that A. I stalk your blog a lot and I love it. B. I love you way way way more than I love your blog and that I hope I get to see you soon! You are the most loveable person I know.