Happy burthday . . .

to me.

I was not planning on writing a birthday post. BUT my cousin inspired me. 

If you want to find me a little bit cooler than I already am, read her tribute HERE
Yeah, it made me cry like a baby.

So I turned 21 and someone told me "Hey now you can go buy beer to wash your hair in."

Because . . . I don't drink or do any of the things 21 year olds do when they turn 21.
It was THEE greatest birthday!  I was fed every meal, my room got attacked with yellow and blue streamers (color code genius) and balloons are covering my floor, spent time at the beach with my best friend singing our hearts out to all songs beautiful, saw 2 shooting stars, hopped on temple grounds to feel the strength therein for a mere 2 seconds, ate divine chocolate cake from my work, and ended it by bashing my fish pinata open with a wooden spoon.  You could say that being 21 is pretty fantastic!

Then I sat there at the close of the night in my bed pondering the things that I had accomplished since last year.  Here is a list that I came up with:

- ALMOST financially independent
- opened up more and let out my true feelings
- moved to California
- became knowledgeable in the dental world
- cried so many good cries
- signed up for a marathon
- gained a stronger testimony than I could ever imagine
- sang in weddings
- learned to love myself a fraction more

Not bad. Baby steps. right??

I love my life.  Everything about it right now is in line with my goals, dreams, and aspirations from becoming an American Idol force, to preparing myself for the time when Christ comes to earth again, to timing my showers making sure that I am ready to take on the responsibility and craziness of motherhood once it knocks on my door.

I love you all and thank every one of you for bringing light into my life to build me up and help me in my life journey de jules.  Now I am off to record for 10 hours. wish me luck!!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Julie Badulie!! I meant to text you on the actual big day, but I forgot. Sorry! Anyway, I hope you had a really really great day!

Andrea said...

Love it! Whenever Austin is home while I'm showering I stay in there for at least a half hour. Yes you have to learn to make them quick, but at the same time you'll learn how to enjoy them so much more.
Happy Birthday, you are a lovely gal!

Dawn said...

It sounds like you had a great birthday. You are missed around here, but I love reading about all your adventures. You can definitely count on my vote for american idol...and I'll tell everyone I know.

Love you!