sudden . . .

Blog outburst this week.   Most likely because I just finished reading The Scarlet Pimpernel and realized how much I love not only reading great literature but trying to create it as well.

I'm looking forward to American Idol auditions with faith and excitement.  I have a mission to accomplish through music.  Somebody will end up getting through the first few rounds and eventually 5 people will be standing strong at the end.  One of those people will be me.  


Because I've decided that through this universe we can almost all agree that there is a power, a force grander than ours that will work with us or against us.

That force in my mind and heart is God, to others it may be luck or karma.

The only person who knows me greater than myself is that one God whereby all things are governed.  I believe that God knows that once I make it into that top group of people striving to win the votes of millions across America, that I will use that power, fame, and insane amount of worldly riches to benefit mankind.  God is a force that will work with me in my pure motives to make me successful.

I hate money.  I despise the fact that our world revolves around it's pitiful meaning.  I want very little for myself and to do God's will with the rest of it.  I think fame would be a heavy burden.  People who automatically want to be around you because your name is popular or people who automatically stay away from you for the same reason.  I thrive off of people's genuine understanding of me as a child of God.

I also believe that I have a strong support system of people who care for me and who believe in me.  YOU are the reason I would be able to make it in this fierce competition which people spend years preparing for. 

I will get past the first 3 rounds by God's grace and my mere human self, but I could use prayers and support from the rest of you to make it through.  

Help me help God to help the world . . .

I promise I won't let you down


Anonymous said...

Your totally going to make it all the way on American Idol
Good luck love!!

-Anna R.

Ashley said...

You Go GIRL! I am looking forward to reading about how auditions go and will TOTALLY vote for you! :)

Robyn Palmer said...

I love your blog. You can do it! That is so exciting!

Jules Morrow said...

you guys are the greatest! I love you all!
Anna you crack me up! hahaha
Thanks Ash and Robyn!

allie said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited for you i can't even wait...oh and by the way i don't have your cell number for some reason so i need that pronto....but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you better have done something fun since you just passed into the 'you're totally an adult' world! anyway, i need your number and hope you have the best birthday ever! love you