past the point . . .

of no return in the following ways:

- finished with my day job at the end of August/beginning of September. must make $$ playing music.
- new knowledge = new responsibility. kiss pieces of ignorance goodbye.
- spent 75 bucks signing up for the SLC marathon in April. death. yikes. i am experiencing sympathy pains for my future self.
- speaking of future self, I turn 21 in a month and 8 days to be exact. remember my birthday post last year?? completely insane how much you can grow in either direction when given a year of time.
- financing my album so it doesn't make me want to rip my hair out due to poor quality. sigh . . .

YES YES, i know. this means i won't be finished with my cd in july like i promised.
again. i break this ridiculous promise that i continue to make.   

I mean, I KNOW i am the one out of choice, putting all of this weight onto my life which means my complaining will end here and now but. . .

are you all feeling as overwhelmed as i am??

p.s. Mom, if you see this. I may have to ask you for some financial aid this month. I've been humbled to the dust and I may have to give in.

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