My throat . . .

is awfully tight.  and has gotten worse over the past few days.  AND I am supposed to be singing for a wedding in 2 days.

Everytime I google the reason why this tight throat is persisting, I get the same top answers.

Something to do with stress and anxiety. 


I am hopeful that it is perhaps an environmental change (since I am visiting Utah), or allergies that I have suddenly contracted.  But stress and anxiety?? it would make sense seeing as I am rather stressed, yet I am having a hard time imagining that I could be stressed out to the point of physical tightness in my throat.

Anyone ever dealt with this before?  thinking about it is stressing me out even more! blast!!

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Ryan & Jamie said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Julie! I hope it loosens up for ya. Gets plenty of sleep the next couple of nights. I wonder if doing the same things for a sore throat would help a "tight" throat?? Like gargling salt water, or drinking warm water with lemon and honey. Who knows! Both of those things are yucky anyway, but hopefully something will work! Either way, I know you'll sound great. :)