Missed my . . .

Alarm this morning due to a series of u-n-f-o-r-t-u-n-a-t-e events last night which meant that I was too late to make the much needed Temple trip I had planned.

Recording begins today . . . I cannot wait. 

But, as I was sad not making it to the Temple this morning, I've spent the better part of the hour submerged in one of my favorite past-times:

Watching dance videos on Youtube.  
THIS choreographer is incredible. THIS dance is incredible. what I wouldn't give to be young enough to train to be a part of this company.  Her music choices . . . also superb.

*recommend watching in full screen mode*
Coolest part is between 1:55 and 2:20, so be patient!

Kate Jablonski is kind of a singer/songwriter's dream choreographer. She captures the essence of music and lyrics more beautifully than I think I have ever seen. (she doesn't miss a beat or word and it shows)

My first promo CD goes to her so that she can choreograph a way sweet dance.
that is all.


Ayley said...

aaaahhh jullessss i love kate jablonski! you have no idea!

yesss spreading the love.
she is beautiful.

Jenny Morrow said...