Day after Day after . . .

Day, I have to remind myself of 1 thing.

I am only 20 years old.

for example (these quotes are taking place in my mind unless otherwise noted)

"Crap, I still haven't finished my album . . . breathe you're only 20!"

"Man, is there any guy out there worth my time? . . . hahahaha you're only 20!"

"I still don't own a place of my own in LA!! . . . stop it! you're only 20!"

"My marathon days are coming to an end. I have got to complete this goal!! . . . bull, most people don't run marathons until they are in their 30's YOU are only 20!"

"I swear, if I don't become the voice of a disney character soon . . . what?? you're only 20!"

"I still work a day job!! . . . you should be! you're only 20!"

Don't let me fool you. I will still complete all of these goals because I have strong conviction for every single one of them, but I seem to forget that because I am working on growing in a lot of ways, they may take some time. . . like l o n g e r than 2 years to complete. Heaven forbid 2 years though because I am so impatient.

I forget that I donned my high school grad cap 3 measly years ago. In that time frame: I have attended 3 semesters of college, learned that I want to be a recording musician, made my best friend in the whole world, learned how to play the guitar, met gobs of people, had 2 incredible jobs where much growth and experience took place, bro- -ke through a barrier which allowed me to write music, bought my own RELIABLE ~~~ car, wrote 20+ songs, sung at a legitimate venue, up and moved to california in pursuit of my dream, had 2 heart\/breaks, and loved every single soul I have passed along the way. I would say that those 3 years have been used wisely. besides . . . I'm only 20!


Katie Taylor said...

I LOVE this. The only thing I don't like is that you are so young and I'm jealous!

J. said...

You have done some amazing things, my dear- when I was 20 I was bartending and spending way too much time of my free time in pubs with a fake ID in hand. Be proud! Because I'm proud of you! :)

dance yourself silly said...

Hey lovely lady! I just thought I would reply to your comment on here! I'll text or call you soon, just in case you don't read this. But, my performance is May 1st! Emily said you guys made a little plan.... I am so jealous I can't go down to LA with you guys. I am so so sad! Just know I am planning a trip out to see you this summer! And as always, you are gorgeous and I love your blog! Your blog gets me through some of my hard days. I love you more than you know! xoxo.