at times. . .

All you have to rely on is yourself and the Lord.

unfortunately, that is when the tears seem to endlessly stream.

Sometimes, the people you count on don't come through. I blame not the people because they have lives to live and I am not exactly "needy". I'm an easy to please friend and person in general. I would never ask someone to give something up for my benefit. ever. ever.


I need people sometimes (maybe like three times a year, but still! it happens) . . . and ones that I would never expect to be there end up being there. They are God sent.

Is this a lesson to me? Do i need to allow myself to let people know when I need them?

I don't think so. Because someone always ends up coming to the rescue.

Thank you earthly angels.


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Emily said...

I love you Ju! You are ALWAYS there for me, NO MATTER WHAT. You truly are an earthly Angel to me, and I only wish I could be there for you as much as you are for me. Thank goodness for best friends like you :)