Karma . . .

*just a way sweet pic of my shadow, which i would like to believe, takes care of all that doesn't get done when time is gone from me.*

Or more likely: God following through on his promises, is a fun part of life.

Remember how I danced and shouted my love for you all the other day??

Well, it seems that I have got nothing BUT love in return.

THIS incredible ballerina and fellow dream catcher must have been inspired to write THIS about me, because . . . it was NEEDED for my soul.

My NEW found soul friend who truly sheds happiness in my life daily and makes me feel priceless.

My 3 BEAUTIFUL roommates who constantly seem to appreciate me for being just that.

My soul sister Cindi who always seems to leave the perfect voice mails pouring out love or asks the most incredibly deep questions via text message.

It's just odd. I have felt more love and appreciation in the past 4 days than I have all year. Is that weird? no, not really. It is simple. You get what you give. I gave my whole heart out that morning and now I feel it coming back to me ten-fold.

I love you people. I am willing to bet that not one of you can even comprehend how much love i have for you.


Sara said...

Beautiful new picture. I love you.

J. said...

LOVE the new blog look... :)
Love you, too! XOXO