After being utterly . . .

upset last night with a particular male (we won't go into details)

I prayed and went to bed; probably after eating a couple handfuls of m&ms . . . but that's just fluff.

I prayed hard that my faith and hope in men would be renewed in the morning. I prayed that this fear and anger would be swept away.

*I think the fact that she is wearing a wedding dress speaks volumes although I imagine myself in the same position without the dress (currently)*

God came through, as always.

Today, I believe: that there are morally, spiritually, emotionally, hillariously, good men out there and I am worth every second of their time!

Then I went for a delicious run after which I climbed the mountain next to my apartment to dance my soul out on the huge concrete slab. (pictures shall grace soon)

That place is MINE. I own IT.

Don't fret . . . I looked down and sang/danced for all of you to Ingrid's "Turn to Stone"

I yelled the line at the top of my lungs "Brothers how we must atone, before we turn to stone.", shouted that I love you, and started to cry.

Because that's what I do.

And my life is beautiful.


dance yourself silly said...

and YOU are simply BEAUTIFUL. i can't wait to see you. two more weeks :) Also, thanks for your comment- you truly are one of my bestest friends for a reason. a good one. love you.

J. said...

You are DARN RIGHT you are worth it!! Don't ever forget that, my dear!

cindi said...

Are you kidding me? Oh. my. geez I love that the imagery in my head about this story is real, because I have experienced it in my own way which just made you that much more of a beautiful person. I love love LOVE YOU MY JULES!!!!! You are BEAUTIFUL!!!

selja sini said...

THANK YOU! I've been feeling lame about similar stuff. Your post made me happy :)

Emily said...

I couldn't ask for a better example and constant bestest bestest friend. I LOVE YOU.