My claim . . .

Of keeping my facebook account alive because I need it for "publicity" is no longer holding up to my standards.

Therefore, I have bid farewell to facebook for the 2nd time. If I decide that I need it again for publicity then I will revive her heartbeat in November, but until then, I don't want to know of pointless things people are doing anymore.

I have a beach to play on, hikes to take, a job to work at, and a career to build.

If you want to talk to me- call me PLEASE or email me! But, I am finished with the ridiculousness of it all.

But never fear little bloggie, you will forever be living, why? because you are therapeutic to me! not harmful! bless your little soul!

*I think facebook crossed the line when the hundredth "friend request" who I truly had never come into acquaintance with, knocked on my facebook door. . . I mean, I know I'm hot, but seriously!


Linds said...

YAY JUES! I'm so proud of you! I completely agree. This post could not be more true.

Sara said...