I walked proudly. . .

Into my church gym with a crazy (literally) outfit geared up to play my favorite sport - ultimate frisbee.

I was all chuckles and smiles and sweat.

This was the day after I was "moping" in my head to toe black dress and heels.

It's safe to say that 99% of my church ward members were thoroughly confused seeing me this way the day after I cried myself out of church.

Bi-polar must be running through their moldable minds. muahaha. the upper hand.

this could be fun.

Valentine's might suck but April fools is my delight.


Michelle said...

You're cute Julie :) I'm sorry you had a sad day and that you're all by yourself out there. You're very brave...
BTW, what is a "mold able mind"?

Jules Morrow said...

haha thank you for finding my typo. hahaha and i miss you. terribly.

Rose said...