While driving home from Provo yesterday. . .

I pretended that Ellen Degeneres was in the passenger seat and we were doing a skit for SNL. I completely forgot about it until about. . . 3 seconds ago. I was acting, in my car, by myself, and I even laughed because it was a funny skit and I was improv-ing quite nicely.


But hey, on a less creepy note, I played a full set in Provo last night. It was a blast and I made money plus some new fans/friends! Can't get much better than that.

"Dream passionate dreams, design their reality."

-not an unknown author, but i can't remember the name


J. said...

hahaha.... I do this kind of stuff ALL the TIME. I always play out scenarios/have conversations/really convince myself I'm a rockstar while driving. No worries!:)
Have a lovely weekend!

Lilian Moreira εϊз said...

I think I have problems too, I talk even with my microwave.. lol

Chad and Jordan Wilson said...

Do you just have random people following your blog? you are like a celebrity

dance yourself silly said...

i love her. and I love you. I also love the quote. I guess I'm just full of love today. we must have a catch up talk soon. I need some julie in my life. Love you girl!