Heppy Birfday

See HER? This is Cindi Mary Dietz. She's a little sarcastic, crazy, passion filled, spiritual, wonder woman. It was her birthday on Monday and I was so distracted by my Tuesday performance that I did nothing for her. I'm a horrid friend. I spent the day at work, then practiced music until I met her and her HILARIOUSLY WONDERFUL family at the Desert Star playhouse to see "Snooty and the Beast" It was awesome. I love this girl. She is something else. Seriously though, she is unexplainable. She is one of the funniest people I've ever met, she has these eyes that draw you in and make you want to know her because she looks like an angel, she can speak in any level of depth, and she knows more about life than most 80 year olds do. This is her 21 year old tribute!
21 reasons why I couldn't live without CINDI:

1. I am constantly jealous of her amazing life which makes me strive to be a better person.
2. I have NEVER lived without her. We were friends before we came to earth and we will be friends after we die.
3. She boosts my confidence more than she will ever know.
4. She appreciates everything around her. I mean EVERYTHING!
5. She has this "thinking" face that makes me silently wonder how her spirit can even exist in this world.
6. When she gets excited about something, she does this cool "opening of the hands, look up and smile" all in slow motion and it just instantly makes you happy.
7. She keeps me sane because she understands the way I think and feel when no one else in the world can!
8. She and I cry together, usually on a bi-monthly basis. . . (I know I know, disgusting)
9. She can make HILARIOUS faces (not like those super annoying girls who you tell to pull a face for a picture and they end up giving a kiss to the camera while you are left looking like some 12 year old psychopath). So we take really awesome pictures together.
10. She puts people in really awkward situations and it is in my list of top 5 funny things of the world.
11. She has a gift for living in someone else's shoes. She knows it and she owns it. It's amazing.
12. She bought a hooded jacket just for playing the guitar in.
13. She loves watching sunrises and does so frequently.
14. She doesn't seem effected by lack of sleep and if she does, she hides it well.
15. It just hit me but I don't think I have EVER been annoyed by her. That is rare!
16. She and I climbed a 125 ft. radio tower at the top of a mountain.
17. She and I dressed up in paper and plastic sacs to run around Salt Lake City at midnight and film a music video.18. When she dances, the whole world wants to get up and dance.
19. She treats everyone around her like they are golden.
20. She has thee greatest laugh you will EVER hear.
21. She is like the sun, you've been waiting all winter and she comes along to brighten your life.

Click HERE to delve into her imaginitive mind and hopefully if you are lucky enough to run across me when I am with her (usually half of my week) then you will get to experience the joy of this incredible woman.

Happy Birthday Cindi Din Dindy. I LOVE YOU!

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cindi said...

Number 1: I can actually here your voice in my head and see your face saying "Heppy Birfday," number 2.YOu are an effing angel. Thank you.