What a "lovely" title. . .

*Caught this beautiful little image outside my bedroom window. Lucky? oh yeah*

One of my new faves, Jordan, interviewed me for her "Thursday Lovely". This girl has been nothing but kind to me since I met her while at a house concert I played at. She stood out immediately, specifically cheering me on and getting excited when I would introduce the artists that I was covering. She found me months after the concert via FB (gotta love Facebook) and I have been mentally attached to her ever since (I say mentally because we haven't seen each other since, but I feel like we are kind of best friends, and seeing her again someday would make my heart soar). She is especially appreciative of the beautiful things that life has to offer. . . See the blog post HERE and read her entire (wonderful) blog HERE.

Also, THIS is her etsy shop. Isn't it adorable?? I want the leaf earrings, anyone want to buy me a present?? :)

Thanks Jordan, for making me feel like a "Lovely"

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Lilian Moreira εϊз said...

Hi! :)

I have just posted an award for you in my blog. Come by and check it! :)