My Love's too big for you my Love . . .

If you need to listen to Ingrid's "Sort Of" to truly understand why i am relating my life to those lyrics right now, then that would be fine because It's quite a breathtaking song!

Did you want to delve into my secret mind? because now is the time! This song is making perfect sense to me. I do not have a love that I need to get away from, but I do have a heart that I feel the need to run away from. I have a love that I wish I could run away from mentally and emotionally because I don't have him physically.

It's weird. . . this broken hearted feeling. I feel WAY too young to have a broken heart. I feel too strong to have a broken heart. I feel too loved to have a broken heart. But I feel it, and it's sort of this disgustingly beautiful transformation of soul. To know that I allowed myself to open my heart expecting it to be broken the second I do. I don't think I've done that. . . EVER. I have allowed myself to have feelings for people but I cover them up and bury them the second I feel doubt. I did that at first with this current love. I covered it, I buried it, I kicked it, I threw it away, but it kept finding it's way to the surface, creeping up slowly until I found myself in tears just to take it out, dig a new hole, and pray that it would stay underground this time.

It's okay that I am broken hearted. Those who know the situation may say I am being haste and that I am breaking my own heart, but I can't see the outcome going the way I want it to.
Call me one of little faith. . . because it is true! I have little faith when it comes to me and relationships, but I prepare myself for the worst when it comes to love.

"My Love's too big for you my Love. . ." My heart is large, loving, and extremely forgiving. It is passionate, intense, and overwhelming. My love is too big for you. I can't handle what you will dish back, but I have to. And it feels good. . . at least better then crushing it in my hands and letting it blow away.


J. said...

Heartbreak is a funny thing... it hurts like hell, but always makes you better and stronger in the end...
I MUST go listen to this song now, because it sounds as though it'll do my heart some good. Music is the best therapy, isn't it?

J. said...

oh, and... you've been 'tagged' by me:)

Ayley said...

what is with this song and speaking to people? good thing it gets around... i love promiscuous little songs that flash their goods for whoever wants it.