Think Connection. . .

I know I've been lazy and haven't posted pictures of the quaint little place I am going to be working in while living in California but I just want to point out some seriously important facts of life.

I am so imperfect, it is ridiculous. Luckily God and I are both full of forgiveness and that makes life a whole heck of a lot easier.

I believe that if you are truly living as best as you can and trying your hardest, God will put you in the right place. Just where he needs you to be.

I have thought about how intricate God is when it comes to getting you into that "place" he needs you to be. Here is how my life has gone in the past 3 years. . . think MAJOR CONNECTIVITY between all the events in my life.

- Made the decision to attend Utah State University in Logan.
- Met "D" Derek Walker (my next door neighbor in Snow Hall) who introduced me to the art of recording.
- Recorded music with D before he left on his mission.
- Inspired by D to buy my own equipment and record my own songs.
- Stuck in a musical rut. I could not write songs, it was impossible and i kept getting worse because my confidence in my ability was so low.
- Prayed and felt that I was destined to be a Music Therapist and joined the program at USU.
- I had to buy a guitar for said Music Therapy major.
- Writing block gone in an instant as I began writing songs on the guitar. All it took was a new instrument.
- Gained confidence and started writing songs for the piano that were eons better than before.
- Stopped going to class and started only playing music in my pj's.
- Decided to go back home to Salt Lake and earn money because i was broke and not taking school seriously.
- Decided that I didn't ever want to go back to school. I just want to be a musician. Period. The end.
- Got a job working for The School Improvement Network.
- Met ALLIE through said SiNET job.
- Randomly talked to my old friend, Sara, who attends college in California over the summer who encouraged me to come visit her before she graduated.
- Planned little vacation over the weekend to California.
- Talked to ALLIE 2 days before i left. She mentioned that her uncles who owned the dentist chain would hire me in a second.
- Went on vacation to California.
- Went and interviewed at dentist office right when they were ready to hire someone new.
- Got job offer.
- Surfed craigslist for hours to find housing.
- Clicked on random posting after much frustration.
- Called lady and went to house just to find out that they are an LDS couple.

Incredible right?? I am meant to be in this music industry no matter how hard and hellish it will be. I am so ready because these connections have put my life just so. God will never cease to amaze me. Some may say that I'm "all talk" because i tend to jump from one thing to another so quickly,but in reality, I just follow the counsel I feel from God and continue to change my life path only to find that he is simply helping me to reach my dream because I have been flexible enough to let him mold my life in the way it should go. Imagine if i would have been to scared to move out right after high school?? Where would I be?? Going to the University of Utah and watching NCIS every night??

God is perfect. We must put our whole heart and soul into letting him guide us. TRUST him, because he will never let you down. Has my life been easy? no. It's been very frustrating at times and God has allowed me to have trials like mad.

I used to feel stupid changing around so much. I felt like people thought I had no ambition or drive because I kept "giving up" on the things i was previously doing. . . One day I'm going to be a dietitian, the next day, I am going to be a music therapist. One day I am a college student, the next day I'm at home working. One day I am living happily in Salt Lake working for an amazing company, the next day I am moving to California to continue my music pursuit. But when I look back and see the map that is my life. I don't care what people think of me anymore. Every radical decision I made (that most people disapproved of) has led me to this point where I am going to work my head off in California to stand out from all the other wannabe musicians. I've always said I can do it. I've always said that I will make it. And now it takes physical form and begins to unfold.

I recently gave myself 2 years to move out of State. I think I will make this dream of mine come true a lot sooner than I realize if things keep going this quickly!

Allie, thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity. I love how God's work would not unfold so easily without the earthly angels that surround us. Check out her blog. She's incredible.


Karlie said...

Jules. Laura and I are sitting together just loving you! You are so amazing and have so much depth to who you are. AND we decided that when you live in California, we're going to come visit you over Spring Break! FURR REAL! love you!

Emily Lou said...

God really does work in mysterious but AWESOME ways, doesn't He? Sounds like you're on the right path... :)