Couple of things. . .

*Have I ever told you that my dream living location right now is Vancouver, BC*

On my mind right now:

First of all, i'm extremely sensitive to touch at this very second. like every single nerve I have is just standing on end. I also have extreme butterflies in my stomach. Why? what is going on right now? I'm just super confused. It feels as if I'm going to play my music in front of the world right now on a stage with supreme spotlights but I'm not, so I'm weirded out. Intense anxiety is taking over my physical body.

Secondly, I'm very excited for the next few weeks. This weekend =Regina Spektor concert which will blow my mind. Next weekend=California. Did I tell you that I'm going to play on the streets of Santa Monica where huge crowds will gather, people will literally throw all their money at me, and I will receive a 2 million dollar record deal?? Sweet right? okay so only the first is true but here's to hoping the rest will happen. Next NEXT weekend=New Moon opening night. Yes I am 20 and I love that series. Yes I love books that are well written and I still love that series. Yes I am a lover of Jacob in the book and Jacob on the screen. ahhhhh. Next Next NEXT weekend=Thanksgiving, chalked full of good food, familia, and hilarious moments. Think about it, something hilarious always happens on Thanksgiving!

Cheers my fellow human beings. Lets all make this week as fantastic as it was meant to be!

Love love love loves

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