Tonight, I'm creating.

(This Just hits so close to home.)

And I feel like creating a "reasons" box. I will stick this "reasons" box in my car because frankly, my car is my big decision making location (when you commute for at least an hour every day). This "reasons" box will hold different pieces of paper with written reasons for why I should or should not make a certain decision. I know this is sounding like complete hogwash but I'm really excited about it. i.e. I'm driving down the road from work and all I want to do is go home and watch an NCIS marathon, I reach into my little "reasons" box and pull out a slip of paper reading: "It will help in your journey to love others." Heck no, NCIS won't do that. So I will then move on to something I know that WILL help me in my journey to love others. Isn't that a sick idea?? Maybe I'm just a little too excited but I can't wait. My little "reasons" box :), it's makin me smile already.

Happy living!

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