Goal setting. . .

Saturdays? I know I have like 10 minutes til it's legit Saturday but I'm just too excited. So, since I do New Music Tuesdays, I thought I needed something else that is structured to blog about, because it has become so popular and people want to know more about my life. (ha. . . ha) Or. . . it's because blogging makes me feel like I'm making a promise. If I blog about it, I better live it, or else everyone will think I'm an epic failure (super funny website btw). So here's the title of the tittle (don't ask, I just am looking for something more original than "name of the game").
Saturdays = planning goals for the following week. I shall report back every week about achieving my goals, and then post new ones for the next week. I will provide pictorial proof so you don't think I'm a lying sac o' beans. Got it? Good. Please call me a loser if I don't achieve my goals, it will only feed my motivation.

1. Run 16 miles.
2. Meditate/Scripture study every morning before work.
3. Get new 1 hour music set memorized.
4. Plan a gig.
5. Leave work on time every day. (sad I know)
6. Clean room and bathroom.

Kirsten (sp?) Dunst said it best, but. . . "Bring. It. On."

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