Why. . .

Do I feel like I'm at least 35 years old when I come home from work everyday?

My job is fantastic, I LOVE IT! I have a lot of responsibility and feel accountable for many people, It makes me feel too old and mature sometimes.
I listen to other 19+ year old girls ramble about celeb gossip and teen vogue. . . and it bores me to the core.

I go to therapy twice a month and watch my angel therapist's eyes dance around as she searches for a reason for my (more than likely) over analyzed, insane, out of this world, complex thoughts. She explains to me almost every time I see her how she can't believe that I am only 19.

I just got back from Girls camp and I was the leader this time!
I eat as if I were going to be diagnosed with cancer or have a heart attack tomorrow.  All thanks to THIS book.

I love hanging out with 35 year olds. . . not in a creepy way.

I read Self-help books all too often. . . 

I'm starting to watch Fox 13 news Governmental updates too much and find myself feeling passionate about it.

I went to bed at 7:30 last night!! Then woke up at 5:00 this morning.

But Hey! I can't complain. . . I really LOVE my life!

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