New Music Tuesday:

That's right!  Tuesdays are now dedicated to new music and new music only.  (inspired by iTunes)
Artist of the week is. . . . . drumroll please! 

Beautiful woman with beautiful talent.  It's moments like these where doubt creeps in about my own musical abilities.  With lyrics like "Long walks in the dark through woods grown behind the park, I asked God who I'm supposed to be." She's a complete GEM!  

You can purchase her music on iTunes
Visit her incredible website HERE 

And read this amazing piece of her bio (sound like anyone you know? If only I had a teacher who did this)

"Ahn had considered pursuing music in college, but a teacher who oversaw her audition at a state school offered her insights perhaps even more valuable than further study. As Ahn recalls, “The music professor there really got me. He knew that I played guitar and wrote songs and called me up at home and said, ‘Maybe you should think about not going to school right now and pursuing songwriting as a career. After school, your whole life might be so different and you may not have that opportunity again.’ I really thought about it and finally took his advice. And it changed my life.”

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