woah. . .

it's been awhile. trying to keep up on all the hilarious/inspirational/informational blog posts that I've missed this past week is definitely not doable.

Today I record again. it's one of my LAST recording days. kind of makes me want to cry a bit . . . out of pure joy of course.

I've been consistently running 6 miles a day. it's actually getting to a "it feels like i will survive" point.  feels good on the body. i keep remembering that come that fateful day in April, I will have to run 6 miles 4 times plus a little. people have been asking why I am not starting off with a half-marathon.  I'm not one of those people.  I think I would feel like a pansy if I signed up for a HALFmarathon. I just think to myself, "you go halfway, you may as well go all the way. go big or go home." I like to go big. don't let me sound so rude,  I think people who run half-marathons are hardcore, it's just my pride is all.

yesterday, Tara and I had a "day full of fun" where we spent 90% of the time catching rays playing outside, swimming, exploring, eating, a little shopping, and ended it with the perfect dance party on a darkened basketball court.

my apartment looks pathetic. no couches, not a dish in sight, roommates abandoned me. . . boooo

i'm actually longing for my room in Utah again where all of my belongings are kept. it's just pure convenience.

I've got my album title name and good ideas for the photo shoot. it maka - me - very - happy

I'm re-reading "The Miracle of Forgiveness" and had to sprint for about 15 minutes the other night because I felt like my thoughts were going to kill me. it was a cool moment.  that book is sooooo incredible. it tears you down and then shows you the hope at the end. very eye-opening. I highly recommend it.

I wish i were feeling more articulate right now. because i know i'm just rambling. life at 21 is fan-tastic. this is the year in which many of my goals will be completed. hopefully, I will find more along the way to accomplish.  i love self-discipline and think i'm a bit of masochist.  i force myself to do things or deprive myself a lot just so i can gain self mastery.  but hey, it's why i'm here living on this earth. to gain control over my weaknesses.  prepare to meet my Maker.  My Father.

i love you

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