Finish album . . .


photoshoot: Check.

marketing: bleeeeh, i hate this part, still on the list

I just finished moving to Utah yesterday.

The second i finished driving 11 hours and unpacking my car, I re-packed camping gear and headed to the mountains to sleep under the stars for the night. no literally, we didn't have a tent.  I woke up this morning to a glowing view down timpanogas canyon and had a breath-taking hour studying the gospel and soaking up the beauty of fall (when I lived in California, every season felt like summer, which don't get me wrong, was nothing short of paradise, but I have to admit. . . I looove fall) before the others woke up and we left for home.

I'm happy to have a room with incredible roommates (aka my parents).  I am so much happier and excited than I expected. what a pleasant surprise!

a few photos from the shoot that we did at the beach before I left

Photos taken by Kimberlee Whitehead. . . she rocks. Also, Melissa did my hair and make up (she convinced me that she could make me look natural and her creative hand blew me away.)

But of course . . . you will have to wait to see the one we chose for the cover.

aren't those 2 ladies incredible?? they made me look like a rockstar


Linds said...

YOU are the definition of beautiful. Glad you're back in Utah! We will be playing soon.

selja sini said...

those pictures are gorgeous! You look like a serious rockstar, no kidding.

He & Me said...

Ohhh brother you are a rockstar. I'm sad we didn't play in California, good thing we both live in Utah now! I can't wait to talk to you.

Esther Cahoon said...

Love the photos! You look so fantastic! How can I get your CD? So happy you are back in Utah! Nicole will be here on November 1st. Love you bunches!

kara lynn said...

you are beautiful girl!

i am so happy for you with your album! and really camping under the stars. in the canyon. please invite me next time!