I'm so nervous . . .

I feel like I was just socked in the gut with a brick.

I don't know WHY I'm soooo nervous, maybe it's just the fact that we're coming down to the wire.

This is the time to prove whether or not I can make it in this music business.

Thankfully, Velour in Provo, offered me that empty slot (seen on the show calendar) on Friday, November 12th. BUT, because it is a weekend night, I have to feel confident that I can bring in at least 150 people.
That is a ginormous load of people. That means I would need all of YOU, my followers, stalkers, family, friends . . . to bring all of YOUR stalkers, families, and friends in order to make this work. not just a buddy or a boyfriend, I'm talkin' your whole "FAM DAMILY" . . . extended . . . AND through marriage. . .

Please, someone PLEASE convince me that this will be worth my confirmation that I give Velour tomorrow. 

I love music. I love lyrics. I love what music can do for people's souls and I believe wholeheartedly that I have created an album (with the help of numerous people, muses, and God) that is worth listening to.  Worth getting to know, through and through. 

Will you help me?? tell the whole world that my release concert is happening and EVERY single BODY that comes through that door counts?? bug your friends to no end until they swear that they will be there????  Let others know that there is a dreamer out there and this is a critical point in making that dreamer's dream a reality?  

I love you all. even if you do NOTHING to help me. but I pray, that you will give a small amount of time in helping me inspire and uplift this world. 

And if I look out to a crowd that meets or even exceeds my expectations that day, I can guarantee that there will be tears.  Oh yes, I will cry my eyes out. 

Thank you . . . I have now stepped off of my soap box. carry on. 


Caiti said...

Good luck! If I lived in Utah, I would so be there!

katrina said...

this is crazy awesome. im so excited for you!

ill try my best to be there. :]

Emily Lou said...

aw, you are going to do so well! i definitely have faith in you and your beautiful music. and god will be right there with you, of course. knock 'em dead, girl. :D

p.s. thank you so much for your kind comment... it's girls like you that make me realize how beautiful our heavenly father has created us to be.

Andrea said...

I'm totally telling everyone! I wish I could show up :(

Good luck, definitely take the venue!

Emily said...

can't wait!

kara lynn said...

oh my i have got to come to this and meet you. i will try my hardest! and i wanted to tell you i love your comments on my blog. they warm my heart like nothing else. thank you!