The music. . .

happenings of my life in a quick blurb.
february 16th
tv spot on Park City t.v. where I get to play a ditty and promote full band show. watch. listen. mmmbuddy.
february 18th
full band show. velour. provo. ut. be there, be square yada yada, it's going to be a ball. other amazing female leads present.
coming soon to an internet connection near you
my own website. bless you trey, bless you.
all the fans 
you're the glue holding my vulnerable musician's frame together. this isn't possible without you and your support, feedback, money hehe, etc.

 just in case you want to come support me in a big moment aka, the full band show!

** kgotlotstodoloveyoubye ** 


the lovebirds said...

let's just say i am clearly obsessed with you and your music. and your talent. and your voice. and your beauty. and you get the point. love you. bye.

Christine said...

I just happened upon this blog and I want to tell you how impressed I am! I love to see old friends doing something truly great with their lives. Your music is TO DIE FOR!

emilia. said...

i'm so excited!!!!