a few . . .

random and late night thoughts/flashbacks.

Spoke with "fish" today on the phone.  What a breath of fresh air, I think it was our first tolerable phone conversation.  Enjoyable even!  Probably because the pressure was gone.   If the others had been recorded, they would go down in awkward history, and I'm not quite sure why.  Just take my word for it.  That's a new idea, a website with awkward conversations. We'll call it . . . MCAA "my convos are awkward" copyright 2011

When I performed at Terra Mia this week, I told the boisterous audience that if they enjoyed my music to find me on facebook, iTunes, etc.  Then proceeded to open my arms out into a pre-hug position and stated "come, follow me".  Needless to say, a blushed face and sacrilegious apology were my true followers after such a weird and painful mistake.

Also, while performing at Terra Mia, I covered Regina Spektor's "Folding Chair" and for the first time, attempted to recreate her epic dolphin sounds.  An immediate regret washed over me the second I opened my mouth to make the first squeak, but since it was much too late to take it back, I confidently owned it.  I think those were the loudest cheers and chuckles I've heard in my music performing career.
NTRS, (note to rockstar self) the more confident and goofy you are, the higher the profits.

*too many acronyms? so sorry. . .

I THOUGHT I invented a new word (kermudgen) when i couldn't remember the name of the game kanasta, but alas, much to my creative dismay, the dictionary has given us "Curmudgeon"  -
a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person.  Now if you can tell me what cantankerous means without looking it up, i will send you eflowers . . . or something. 
mmm yep that's all.
one more thing, though to end on a spiritual note.
I was sitting in the temple and I read Helaman 5:12 
It hit me.
My foundation needs to be built upon Christ, it doesn't matter if I live in Utah, California, or Algeria (tunisia, lybia, egypt, sudan, and chad, and niger, mali, mauritania . . . getting carried away) 
The place isn't the issue.  My faith and testimony are the answer. 

 k loves, goodnight


Ryan & Jamie said...

Hehe curmudgen. It's funny though, I didn't see this post and your comment about the word "cantankerous" until after I'd already commented about the same thing on facebook. We think alike!

LindsayAndrew said...

Hi, this is totally blog stalker worthy. I found your blog through mutual friends and I think we actually grew up in the same stake. And you helped my mom Kathy Redd up at girls' camp one summer. Anyway... I love your music! I was blown away when your album started playing! I think I was one of your first purchasers on itunes... I looked for you one day on itunes, and you weren't on there and then opened up itunes the next day for something else and your album popped up! I'm going to put a post on my blog about you if you don't mind! Love your music, your blogs great! keep up the good work!