i miss it . . .

much more than i would like.

i'm freezing here. FREEZING.

i'm surrounded by people who aren't very interested in adding yet another friend into their manic lives.

i'm sick of the parties where you spend all night speaking to people you will never see again. and i have myself to blame because i keep finding myself attending.

i'm finished running indoors.

*this time last year, I was outside watching the parade of lights as boats on the harbor sailed by, that's my kind of winter activity!*

I would give just about anything to be back in SoCal
with the beach
with the ocean
with the sun
with my mountain where i can dance with no inhibition
with good friends who were there in an instant.  Really good people.
with outdoor runs next to strawberry fields

i need a serious pick me up so i can quit whining.  i also need jane and laura to move home from byu and usu, they have been my sanctuaries!

i know it's been awhile since i've blogged about anything so lets end on a positive note :)

I got to talk to cindersoot on christmas.  she is workin away in Germany and i miss her more than anything in the world.  she is an angel!

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