so much class . . .

*together we'll soot them, probably my favorite picture from the album art*

I have.

been eating and sleeping the day away.  Feel like it would usually be considered a waste but in my case, it certainly was necessary!  I need to rebuild.

Last night was epic for me.  So many emotions and love in one room.  People who have helped raise me, to brand new friends I'd met days before.  I just feel so blessed with genuine people in my life who support me in all my crazy dream chasing.

I made a goodly amount from CD sells,   s l o w l y   on my way to covering all the cost of producing the darn expensive investment! 

More importantly, my music is in the hands of many people who I hope can take the messages I've learned and learn something from them.

Do you know how SCARY it is to be a part of entertainment???  I chose each song very carefully to put on the album, knowing that I could potentially be responsible for the emotions of the listeners.  God had his hand in the whole thing, so many of the songs were inspired to uplift in one way or another.  Honestly, I don't want all of your emotional dwelling on my head at the last day.  You know those people . . . who run into their room furious, bawling and blare screamo rock.  Or those heartbroken souls who listen to breakup songs over and over again until their hearts are more shattered?

Music is a powerful tool.  It can c.o.n.t.r.o.l our emotions so well.  No emotion is bad. I don't believe that.  But I do think that we have a choice to listen to music that won't make us more upset than we were in the first place, or more heartbroken.  Trust me, I've experimented with this many times.  

I knew that each song had to help (with it's insane influential ways) the listeners feel something more positive.  There's enough crap trash in the world.  I want to provide a haven through music.  and I hope that I've done just that.

I already have a couple payed gigs lined up and many potential gigs.  Let the fun begin!!

P.S. my body has never hurt so bad then when I woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep.  a mixture of emotional, physical, and mental anxiety, added with an empty stomach.  The second I ate something, my body thanked me graciously

Thank you to all those that came!  For those who want CDs, email me and I'll let you know the details of getting one!




the lovebirds said...

hope it went well. sounds like it was a success! I am so happy for you! yay!

Harper said...

hey, you were amazing!! please have another one again soon!!!