My reason . . .

for waking up everyday.

*Jeanne Calment, oldest person who ever lived, 122 years.*

I was watching a TED video in regards to people who live past 100 years. 

One of the qualities these people all had in common was a reason for living. They each knew why they continue to wake up every morning and start all over.  As I sat there listening to the speaker, I realized that I couldn't come up with an answer as quickly as the 110 year old man.  

So I will ponder it, and sleep on it every night until I wake up one morning and it hits me. 

I have a general idea, but I think I'd like to narrow it down to a couple of firm sentences. . . after all, I want to live to be as old as the lady holding her great great . . . GREAT grand daughter. unreal.

happy, healthy aging.

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