i want . . .

*there she is, in all her beauty, the cover of thee album, get it? soot? black?? sooty? also, if you don't like it, that's just too darn bad. i feel like i carried that baby for 9 long months before birthing it, i know weird analogy, i'm going to be quiet now*

to cry.

now why do i want to cry?  because it has been ever so stressful doing this album art design by myself and taking matters into my own hands when i am no graphic designer.  but it had to be done by a deadline. and i actually LOVE it.  that's one of the only benefit of doing this "pulling my hair out" project by myself.

but i want to crawl in a corner now and waste away because i can't remember the last time stress hit me so hard.  yup, being a rockstar ain't always that pretty

blessed am i, for a friend who flew in with a red cape and saved my day, you heard me mr. ingebretsen, you saved me.

*does anyone else feel that this movie is extremely underrated??*

right now, i feel like the brave little toaster, yes, i give myself THAT much credit for:
*opening up my heart to a boy
*putting myself out there even with the fear of rejection with ANOTHER boy in the same night
*designing my own cd album art in a few short days
*performing a song on the same day that i wrote it 

one week and all those events. mhmm . . . fears can eeeat myyy dust.

NOW, this week will be the craziest week since moving home.  when i say crazy i mean emotionally crazy, physically crazy, crazy fun, i will get zeeero sleep.  it starts with a concert, a highly anticipated midnight movie full of madness, and two dates to wrap it all up (see, good things come from putting yourself on the line).  let us hope that not both dates go soooo well that it makes decisions difficult. (cricket, cricket)

someday, i'll be able to blog again

like a normal human being, living a perfectly chaotic life.

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ren said...

I love it Jules! Your album is going to a.maz.ing!