good . . .

friends and connections. 

They're rare. very rare.

moving home has been much easier than anticipated (sort of like this crazy storm everyone has been gearing up for) but it still holds an emptiness that I knew would be there from the beginning.

that lonely feeling.

as if no one understands what is going on inside of you and as if no one can see the perspective that you see.

But then I remembered Allie. plus a few other angels that i will get to in the future.

I feel connected to her. she helps me feel alive and beautiful without even trying (or maybe she does try but hides it well)  

I have seen her only a couple of times since moving home but every time i do, it's a breath of fresh air, like a window that's been freed open after a year of being painted shut.  Her confidence is inspiring, her perseverance illuminating,  and her composure classy.  

Allie is one of those girls whose outward beauty is magnificent, the boys throw themselves at her feet.  But she is soooo much more.  She holds so much hidden beauty that would take years to uncover and see.  This is why I look up to her so much.  She is who she is.  She enjoys fashion and beauty, even Lauren Conrad's book and she don't care who know it!! But she is intelligent and delves into the deep waters, she is independent and strong, but knows that "Love is all you need"

Thank you.  Thank you for being yourself, it inspires me to be me (painted fingernails, long shiny hair, pretty dresses, healthy food, and running) because i've been so utterly concerned that if people see beauty on the outside, they won't have to (or want to) look and find what lies beneath the surface.  

And YOU have proved me wrong.  

I'm just a feminine 21 year old girly girl who thinks her hair is a canvas for creating a new masterpiece every day.  I'm just a self published musician who pays all tributes to God.  I'm just a frail Latter Day Saint who needs and loves frequent Draper Temple attendance followed by singing hymns a'cappella in my car while parked near a look out.  I'm just Jules, Julie, J, Jewel and there may be many of you with my same title or nicknames, but none with my same heart.  and That is Christy's Secret.

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He & Me said...

That was beautifully written. You're a writer Julesy.