success for me . . .

right now is the following 2 things

1. I spoke with Cindi (my love, soul sister, most wise and understanding best friend) and she informed me that when I left her a voice-mail on the night previous (which we can all conclude wasn't the best night of my life), she listened to it and hung up the phone informing her best friend Mandy that something must be seriously wrong with me because for the first time, she heard me crying and there was not an ounce of laughter.

{side note, laughter is my biggest defense mechanism when I am feeling vulnerable, it especially takes place when tears begin to form.}

I did it! I expressed freely to her. That means I trust her with my entire being.  I feel like I did something insanely beautiful by opening up and completely expressing my sorrow with out trying to cover it up.

2. The only time I cried yesterday was at night when I was speaking with Cindi about the above experience.

The Atonement is saving me from dragging on in sadness and loneliness.  I opened up, I cried, I expressed freely, then I repented.  Why?? Because honestly, I have bigger fish to fry and can't waste time feeling pathetic when there is a perspective so much grander than mine fighting for me to have hope, happiness, and faith.

It's beautiful, the broad range of things that The Atonement covers.  Because today, I'm extremely happy.  It's even safe to say that today is the best day of my life.

Isn't life lovely with God's help??


Linds said...

You really have the most amazing views on daily life. Wow. Your strength and testimony are such wonderful examples to me.

Rose said...

best feeling ever. not to long ago a made a dumb choice and felt like a complete fool. and then. i thought, "o duh, I don't have to feel like this for a moment longer." repentance is my favorite gift

Esther Cahoon said...

That is so true! Every day, we make choices. Sometimes, life can get us down...That is when we make the choice of "I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!"

Julie...I'm also "CHOOSING" to let you know that you are a kindred spirit and I adore you! Love you more than words can adequately express! I am blessed by your presence in this world!