The Joy In My Life

Is insane right now.... Did I have my first show on Saturday night? Yes I did! Was it in a yogurt shop in Provo? Yes it was! Were there 25-30 people there tops? Why yes!! Sound lame? Probably! But I can't even tell you how much fun that night was to me! It was pure bliss! Singing at the top of my lungs the songs that are in my heart as well as those that have inspired me. I can't imagine a better feeling, yet it was at some lamo yogurt shop with a small crowd! How does that happen? you might ask... I'll tell you why.

I've had this vision growing in my mind for quite some time. It's been watered and given lots of sunshine and FINALLY it's sprouted.... Just barely, but it's there giving me proof that it will continue to grow. As I see this baby sprout, I am reminded why I even began to water it in the first place. This show I had was my first step towards reaching every far off and unimaginable dream that I have floating around in my head. Can you imagine a better feeling?? I don't think so!!


i am heidi said...

I didn't know you had a blog. I am so gonna blog stalk you now, hope you don't mind. That is so exciting you had a show if I could sing or write a song or anything musical that would be my dream too. way to go!!

Natalie and Nathan said...

Julie! That is so awesome that you did your first show, that is a way good accomplishment...now you off to better things and it will only get better, good luck with everything!