I had thee COOLEST epiphone yesterday. . .

So I decided to take my lunch break from work to go to the park and work on some song lyrics. As I'm sitting there, I start thinking of all the guys in the past few years that I've truly liked and WHY I liked them so much. I follow the same pattern: Like somebody, hang out with them, then decide that I don't like them anymore (some last longer than others). I started writing each of their names down on a piece of yellow notebook paper (you know the kind I'm talking about), and it came to me. . . . Each of these men in my life have one extreme attribute or characteristic. I had a list of 7 men and 7 COMPLETELY different characteristics tagged to a name. I realized that God has given me an outline of 7 men and a characteristic from each to find my own man. I never loved these men. . . . I loved that extreme attribute (fun, funny, kind, spiritual, all out cool, knows how to treat girls right, motivated and successful). I understand that for a lot of people, there are MANY different others who they would work well with. I am NOT one of those people! I could be HAPPY with MANY different people, but I can't choose one just because. I have to find somebody with the same sort of extreme attribute as those 7 men. So I guess it is now time to be really patient, people like that don't come around very often!!!!

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