Not quite sure why I deserve them

God has put people into my life. I would NEVER make it without these people. They mold me, form me, encourage me, lift me, tear me down, smile, laugh, create joy, create ANYTHING, they are the reason for my being!

Kelli Case- I can't say enough how she saved my life this very night. She stopped me from making a huge mistake and helped me to realize my potential. This girl is inspired all the time and will never do anything but lift me up higher than I could ever reach myself. She has a way with words that anyone could understand and relate to. She knows the true meaning of life and has lived more than others have in an entire lifetime. She will do amazing things and laugh along the way! Whoever happens to stumble upon her shall be considered truly blessed! Her creations will get her far in life, they are sooooo beautiful! Every single one of them amazes me because it truly is a piece of her. She's not afraid to share herself with the world, and I aspire to be her.

Cindi Dietz- A friend who I feel has been there for an eternity and will be there for the rest of it. I have known this girl longer than this life, of that I'm sure. I have a connection with her that I've never felt with anyone else. She understands me on a deeper level than my family can even comprehend and she knows how to make me laugh in a split second. She is alive and vibrant as if she's ready to conquer the world with a smile! She is best compared to the sun... consistent, beautiful, shining, lighting the entire world, bringing warmth and contrast to the cold darkness. She knows who you are very quickly that it's almost frightening, but I can't keep myself away from her, I gravitate to her and continue to be curious of every move and step that she takes. She is completely unpredictable. She helps me in a different way than anyone else in the world would be able to. She is a true sister.

James Campbell- He's confusing, he's obnoxious at times, rude as all get out, and extremely tactless! He is completely loyal and there for me. No matter what, I feel like I could tell him anything because he would handle it differently than anybody else, he would twist and contort it into a different angle that I would never see, although I never tell him anything! He sheds a new kind of light in my life! Some days I feel like he does everything to please everybody else and other days I feel like he's never had a care in the world about what others think of him. He is here for me in a crucial moment of my life. He's the only guy friend at this moment who I have an endless amount of fun with, who makes me laugh so hard that my gut hurts, who can get me to drink a red bull and watch youtube videos until 5:30 in the morning. He makes me feel like a little kid again in every way that I miss.

Katie Taylor- This girl has a listening ear like no one I've ever met. She is quick to praise and slow to criticize! It took me months to convince her that I was definitely NOT too cool to hang out with her because she sees so much good in others and not enough in herself. Although I felt the humor behind it, I still felt like she meant it! She is the only other girl I know who is as obsessive as I am about losing weight! I hate her for that because I would never wish such an awful curse on anyone else and it tears me up inside to know that she feels the same way. This girl is beautiful! She's 4 feet, 11 inches of all around goodness. She's the one of which you would say "AMAZING things come in small packages" She's got a hook punch like no one I've ever seen and she can make me laugh until I cry. She has no idea what is in store for her future, but I can see clearly that it is devoted to others. She serves more than I even thought possible and jumps at any chance to continue serving. She can just sit and listen without giving me gobs of advice that I don't want. Wow!

Sara Lieber- Sara and I have the same blood running through our veins. She helps me to remember that I'm not as beautiful, bright, and amazing as I sometimes think I am. I have learned to embrace that about her! I look at her and she is stunning, I hear her talk and she is brilliant, I see her dance and it takes my breath away. I used to have a hard time with it. Knowing that the girl in the bed next to me is so much more than I will ever be. But she has no idea how much of a blessing she is to me. She gives me something to look up to! Every weakness that I have is her strength and I can't say that about anyone else. Once I get past the shock of it all, I understand why God put us together! I can make those weakness strengths and she is a source of encouragement by just being there next to me. I can't wait to grow old with her and die with her by my side because I don't know what I would do without her! My friendship with her is even stronger because it has brought silent pain along the way. There were never any fights or vulgarities! Just jealousy and envy (the most evil pain of all). I know why I need her now and I look forward to waking and knowing that I love her every single day!

Lachel Walters- This girl portrays the kindness of Christ better than anybody I've ever met. She's the first one to include! She's the first to volunteer herself to jump in my car when no one else will. She puts others before herself constantly and won't take no for an answer! She is absolutely hilarious in her everyday speech. She's silently incredible. I say that because people can't even begin to comprehend her spirit until they spend a lot of time with her. She's a spirit outside of her body, if it left her right now, she would be no different to me. Sure she's incredible when you first exchange impressions and you see her princess like beauty, but that is not what I see when I look at Lachel. I automatically feel her kindness radiate from her being. She makes you feel like a million bucks the second you walk through the door when she throws her arms around you and screams your name for the world to hear. She's unique and now that I know her, I could never live without her.


Ryan & Jamie said...

This was so sweet to read. You have some wonderful friends.

kelli christine case said...

man jules i freaking hate your guts you should like get a life or something

kelli christine case said...

I'M SORRY that was the first thing that my fingers typed when i went to comment ahahaha i FREAKING LOVE YOUR SOUL SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN STAND IT! hahah but you are SO BRILLIANT! i like want to cut and copy little sections of that post and quote it in this comment and show you all the parts that i love. but i will spare you.

you have a way with words that is amazing, and moving. you nailed lachel. and katie. not really cindi. hahahahahha JUST kidding you totally got cindi too right on.

i just love you so much. you are WAY too generous in your love but i shouldn't say that because i love it. hah you're crazy and the line about how the girl in the bed next to you is so much better than you'll ever be, first that's not true you guys both blow my mind and second-imagine my pain the whole semester knowing that about all FIVE of you angels. it was overwhelming.

anyways i am done now. how's that for a novel.

cindi said...

so I just read the comments on this post today. how have I never seen these. I died laughing reading kelli's comments. hahahah o man. That kills me. hahaha Jules I love you so so much. I came back and read this post today... again... for the bazillianth time. I love you.