took a jaunt . . .

down to my camarillo home again this last week.  i love that place.  paradise.

it is so unbelievable lucky that i've spent 2 of the past 8 weeks there. whaaaaat??

i made new goals, filled my lungs with fresh air, and realized that life is a short crazy ride on which i'd like to be flying through in the front seat, with my eyes wide open, hands held high, and a grin from ear to ear.

life is so incredibly precious.  time is of the essence.  and love is out there, to be had.

SIGH . . .

we spent time riding crazy roller coasters at magic mountain, eating perfect crepes at the farmers market, engulfed in long chats about life, love, their potential ability to exist in harmony, and playing on God's greatest creation of a beach, Leo Carillo. hurray for travels!

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emilia. said...

oh i love that greatest creation. and love is out there to be had. what a relief!