i have that sort of . . .

gets caught in a hug's armpit
flings in your face if you sit behind me
pull off a stray, only to realize it's not a stray at all
cast it over the tower and climb up it
'eeerybody knows whose head that hair came from

hair right now.

which is rad because tangled is currently the bees knees (for good reasons. best disney movie since the classics) I am a hero to little girls who can envision my hair growing passed 60 ft. someday. mmm the imagination of a child.

and for the first time, it's THIS long and it isn't driving me bonkers.  probably because of the "Claire cuts" that i get (best hairstylist ever).

and i'm not in a fit of competitive rage right now either! simply just enjoying it!

fun. fun fun fun. having long hair is a lot of fun.
*oh hey! its real life rapunzel!*

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