Sometimes . . .

I get so busy making sure everyone sees how beautiful they truly are, that I forget others are yelling it to me.

Disclaimer: this song does not swear, contrary to the title. Also, i have a feeling that most people will find the cutting in this video taboo, when in reality . . . it's as damaging as eating disorders or stealing. I read through comments of people who expressed their gratitude for helping them know there is hope.  Atta girl, P!nk

I am coming to learn more and more by the grace of God, that our actions don't add or subtract to our "worth" as His perfect creations.
love yourself.
and if you feel so inclined, fall to your knees in gratitude to the perfect Creator for your body, mind, and spirit, for the Light of Christ that helps us to breathe.

p.s. when p!nk is pleading or pounding her chest, don't you feel like you can relate?? like you've tried so hard to either realize that yourself or help others see the light. i love how real it is. she wants people to believe it. so beautiful.

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selja sini said...

definitely got chills every time she sung that chorus. and i can totally relate! love this song...its just comforting- we're all just as imperfect as the person sitting next to us.