An overload of updates, info, and cute babies

My babies... (yes it's been that long) are all but grown and attending college now. Dramatic? Probably. But the truth of it is, time flies fast these days.  I remember everyone telling me that it  would, but now I am living in that warped time zone where sometimes the days are painfully slow, but overall so quick that I fear blinking.

Back to the beginning... my babies are growing and I love their guts. Truly. They are such a joy. Charlotte makes me laugh daily and Annie acts as if I'm the worlds greatest mom by the amount of smiles shining through her sweet self. 

If I could describe Char in a few words it would be: extremely literate female tom sawyer

This girl is unhealthily drawn to dirt and eating all forms of plant life, bark, rocks, etc. I really love her for it. She is also a book worm asking "rea-read?" while carrying books all day. I don't understand HOW she knows so many words, I am the last mother to do sign language or early phonics. She just loves words. It kind of breaks my heart that she is entering toddlerhood. She has taken the role of big sister with grace and a lot of love for "nannie"


Then Annie comes along to brighten our lives with smiles upon smiles and nary a cry! She is a dream. Little cinco de mayo babe.


Now on to some serious biz.
Ryan has been gone for 4 weeks in Montgomery, Alabama attending air force officer training camp (he received a scholarship for medical school through the military. Essentially, this means they keep us out of debt and he repays them with 4 years of service as an air force doctor following graduation. Sweet deal for a growing family!)
Our home is a bit dreary without him but I fly out to his graduation activities on Wednesday and look forward to lots of laughter again whilst attempting getting used to seeing him in air force garb and marching. The thought so very funny for some mystical reason.
When we arrive home on Saturday, he has one week of work left with his company in research park before we pack up our lives for the first of many moves to come. But first, we get to bless Annie, attend an epic Hunter family reunion in Midway, and spend 2 foreseeable glorious weeks with his family in Ventura county before moving straight to The Big Easy.
New Orleans, the last place in the US that I imagined living will be our home for the next 4-5 years.
I can hardly wait to taste the world famous cuisine, attend (most likely muted down) Mardi Gras parades, experience 65 degree winters, meet a completely new culture of people, and learn to speak in ma'ams and sirs. Everyone is already calling me "Miss Hunter" over the phone and the charm of it all seems almost unreal.
For a man whose catch phrase is "bring it on!", I think the lifestyle of the big easy will suit us.
So I spend my last 2 weeks in sugar house taking care of babies (ever grateful to be living with my mom while Ryan is away) and feeling nostalgic about leaving home with the possibility of never coming back to call it home again. Adventure is out there to be had and we can't wait to be in the midst of it!
May the beautiful chaos commence!

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Emily Jane said...

So excited for your adventures. I will really miss you Happyjujubeanjamal!