REAL positive for my expecting friends {more thoughts on pregnancy and motherhood}

I can't begin to explain my delight in finding out these last few weeks that a handful of my friends are expecting babies.  Sheer bliss, I tell you.  

It seems to be popular to be "real" about things these days.  For good reason, of course.  I believe in being honest.  But it also seems that being "real" can be another word or excuse for being "negative".  I know that these lovely pregnant friends will hear it all... "get as much sleep now while you still can." or "better do what you love quickly because your life is ending soon."  all through well-meaning (or not) grins of experienced mothers. 

So I would like to happily tell you why being pregnant and being a mother are the greatest blessings and joys of my so far life.  
*as a side note, I am happy to discuss all details and answer all questions honestly... things aren't always glamorous and definitely not easy, but those things don't detract for a second the beauty of childbearing and rearing.

*in the heat of summer with no A/C means half naked baby*

My pregnant life was not easy for me.  I had aches and pains and sickness.  But I grew a human inside of me!  I felt the thumps and eventually the jumps of a baby girl eager to come into the world.  That first little pitter pat, I will never forget it and there was no denying it was little Charlotte.  I went silent, then got this huge grin on my face.  I waited ever so impatiently to feel another thump.  I miss that feeling... truly I do, so enjoy every kick, elbow, headbutt, hip check, whatever it is.

Then as mentioned before, I loved giving birth and can't wait to jump into that again.  Seriously... giving birth to a baby is just surreal.  Even if you have a crazy experience... you just BIRTHED a human.  High fives all around.

*this is Charlotte, flirting with the light.  I call it her boyfriend, they seem to charm one another.*

When Charlotte arrived - I was so very overwhelmed, and rightly so.  Your life changes in the blink of an eye.  But I can't tell you how much happier life can be with a baby if you start singing when he cries or dance like a crazy person to distract her or just kiss the life out of those soft baby cheeks because you don't know how else to calm your distressed bundle of cuteness.  Yes of course, I've done those things with tears in my eyes but you really learn to enjoy all those moments when you take advantage of them.  I have made up so many songs to entertain my baby girl and keep my spirits up as well.  Top hits include "mama's in the shower", "round and round we go" (the gassy song - complete with leg pumping), and "Charlotte" (to the tune of Justin Bieber's "baby").

 *propped up like a big baby... loves chomping on those hands.*

Some of my favorite moments have been propping Charlotte up in the boppy on our bed while folding and putting away laundry.  I always turn on music and dance and sing along.  She loves it when I drag shirts across her face before folding them up and she gets a kick out of watching me dance like no one is watching.


She may not even be 4 months old yet, but she loves her book "baby faces".  She always looks intently at each face and gives a grin and sometimes a chuckle when we reach the laughing baby.  She's a snuggle bug when you set her up on your shoulder and sometimes I feel so content I could die.  The first time your baby smiles at you is an inner explosion (implosion?) of feel good and you can tell that she knows you are her mama.  Did I mention kissing baby cheeks? You get to do it ALL the time.  WHENEVER you want.  WITHOUT feeling weird about it. Then those moments when you change babe's clothes because she pooped or spit up or whatever and you can just keep her in her diaper and hang out in bed at 6:00 am.

*Here is that 6:00 am moment.  Ryan likes to make her look like a nun with her blankets then sing "how do you solve a problem like maria?*

Then dad comes home from work and the 3 of you grin and giggle as he plays airplane and blows raspberries on her belly, what sweet sweet memories these will all make.  Seriously, Charlotte loves when her fun dad comes home.

*babies make the most hilarious faces. Hours of entertainment!*

I could go on with this last part forever and bore you to pieces because really - your own baby in real life is much more awesome than reading about mine or holding that lady's.  What an important and amazing job we have to be mothers.  And golly, I'm so glad you all are pregnant!!


Lexie Kite said...

Jules! It's so fun to keep up with you through your blog and I love this post!! No, I'm not pregnant, but I do greatly fear being pregnant and a mother for all the reasons everyone emphasizes that scare me - no sleep, no time, etc. I love your genuine positivity and happiness in this post and I am so glad you wrote this. Thanks for keeping it real, girl. You are wonderful! Congrats on this happy new chapter in your life.

Brissa said...

I love this!!!! You're making me even MORE excited to get this little bebe out here. December can't come soon enough! Thank you for sharing your love of being a mom and the joy your little girl brings to you. YAY FOR BABIES AND MOTHERHOOD!!!

Sara said...

I love this so so so much!! I was grinning the whole way through reading. I TOTALLY agree with you, and love that you gave the real POSITIVE info. I can't wait!!!!

Jenny Morrow said...

Oh, I love her!...such sweet, and funny, pictures :)

Angela Reichman said...

Thanks so much for this wonderfully positive post about being a new mom! I am so tired of all the negativity out there about being a parent so it's so refreshing to read something genuinely positive! Have fun with your darling girl!

Jace said...

I would add to get over wanting your baby to sleep through the night! Because one day you'll realize you don't have to comfort her to sleep and she sleeps through the night. And you will find yourself missing those middle of the night cuddles, oh there is nothing like them!!! I secretly watch the monitor sometimes hoping (for selfish reasons) she will have one of her separation anxiety freak outs so I can go in and calm her down and cuddle her for the next hour or so. The days are filled with so many ups and downs and you just have to remember to laugh and smile. Because time really does go by so fast and it leaves you wanting more of those days that you used to have. Of course don't miss those days so much that you miss out on the now.

This post was well written Jules!!