Very Sentimental

"Now I don't like to be very sentimental if I don't have to be - oh but I think that I just may have glued my hand to yours if you had asked me."
- Andrew Belle "Don't Blame Yourself"

This quote is very applicable.  In fact, I think of it so so often when I think of Ryan.  
He will probably be embarrassed by this post and I'm not one to publicly declare often how attracted I am to him, but right now, I just don't care.

When we were walking along the super crowded beach in Carpinteria, CA during our marathon honeymoon, Ryan kissed me (not lightly) in front of what seemed like a bajillion beach goers.  I was so shy about it.  I think I may have appeared rejecting even.  Which is awful, because truly, secretly, I thought it was so romantic and it made my whimsical heart skip a beat.

When Charlotte was born - one of the things I will remember the most was the time I had with Ryan to soak it all in and realize we were more than just me and him.  He was so awesome.  Because I was suffering so much blood loss and on weird medications and utterly exhausted, the night that Charlotte was born, I broke down in my hospital recovery bed.  All visitors had left.  All staff was gone.  Charlotte was in the nursery until her next sign of hunger.  I felt so strange, such a mix of emotions, and so overly tired and wound up that I couldn't sleep.  Ryan nudged his way into the bed next to me and held me.  He told me how wonderful I was.  He spoke of how kind I was to all of the hospital staff.  He assured me of his unwavering love.  He was so proud of me.  I needed every word he offered in that moment.  So encouraging, so calming.  It is one of my favorite memories with him to date.  I really do not only love him, but like him so much.  I wish I could spend even more time with him and talk to him and dream with him and kiss him.  He has given me a wonderful year of marriage and it just keeps getting better.  I am so grateful.

"I think that I just may have glued my hand to yours if you had asked me."

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Meg and Shea said...

I just love you guys. And I loved reading that about Ryan- I am pretty sure I will keep looking up to him for the rest of my life. I love reading blog posts that are so real but uplifting.