Finally made the switch

Charlotte is taking a lovely nap, what an angel.  So I took the opportunity to do a blog update.... name change, inclusion of family, etc.

Ryan and I feel as if we have been given so much, bounteous are we!

I also feel as if we need to strive more and more to be more giving, so I found the name suitable. 

I've promised a few of you Charlotte's birth story, so here goes nothing!

Monday, March 25th, Ryan and I were scheduled to check into labor and delivery.  I was a week past my initial "due date" and put on a list to be induced.  We arrived around 7am and I was put on pitocin around 9.  It was extremely uneventful up until that point... I hadn't experienced any real contractions, the baby was sitting fairly high, and I felt better than I had in months.  After a couple of hours, I began to feel the contractions in bed gripping manner.  I took the greatly appreciated advice, and received an epidural around 11 and my midwife broke my water shortly after.  Let me tell you something about that epidural: it was awesome.  I managed to sleep and eat snow cones (flavored ice chips) for a good portion of the next few hours until my nurse came in and informed us that I was fully dilated and ready push, this was at about 3pm.  The nurse told me my hips were perfect for child bearing.  Swoon! every girls dream to hear that, right?? This lady's hips don't lie.  I gave my first push before the nurse said "k, stop - we need to get your midwife in here before I end up delivering this baby."  The head full of black hair was clearly visible.  Jenny (midwife) arrived along with a team of who knows what they were, and they prepped the landing strip for the baby to arrive.  Ryan looked at me with excited eyes and said "are you ready??" It was such a strange feeling, so much thought, worry, excitement lead up to that moment.  I said "I'm at the top of the roller coaster and there's only one way down." I was totally ready.  About 3 pushes later, the baby came "shooting out" down the slip n slide as Ryan described it.  I immediately felt my stomach drop when she came out, what an awesome feeling!  She graced the earth at 3:50 that afternoon.  She was instantly placed in my arms while they stitched me back up.  I had 3rd degree tearing (no bueno) and lost a lot of blood because of it.  They called in another surgeon to help with stitching (4 hands were required, apparently) and he kept commenting on how he was stitching creatively.  Jenny kissed me on the forehead, commented on how kind I was being, and felt so awful about my pending recovery.  I remember shaking uncontrollably and feeling a bit out of sorts, but completely dazed by this new baby in my arms.  She pooped on me twice, the little jokester! 

I can't tell you how amazing I think giving birth is.  I loved every second of it, truly!  I realize this may be a very rare experience and that I may tend to really keep on the sunny side of life, but I look forward to delivering another baby!

Recovery is not as bad as I anticipated, and Charlotte is a dream.  She cries a lot, and sleeps sometimes, and eats whenever she feels like it, but she is such ball of personality already, and I couldn't ask for a greater gift than becoming a mom. 

Charlotte Kristy Hunter
8lbs 6oz, 21 inches long
3:50 pm March 25th, 2013


Ashley said...

Beautiful! I'm sure you and Ryan are amazing parents.

It Started With a Wink said...

what a great labor, lucky girl, so happy for you!