The speculation . . .

of the birth of a baby in a manger 2012 years ago is non-stop.  Who were the wisemen?  How many came?  Was there really a star?  What exactly did King Herod do proceeding the birth?  How could a virgin bare a child?  Though it may be insightful from a scientific point of view, I realize that none of it matters.  
Long ago, a baby was born to a mortal virgin mother and the eternal Father of all of our Spirits.  He is the literal offspring of God, a deity with infinite power and love.  His life was exemplary, His miracles were marvelous, and His love was out of this world.  Most importantly, He gave His mortal life for us and today, He lives!  Celestial and glorious with our Father on high.  Walking with each of us through our trials, and changing us into people - ordinary people now prepared (or preparing) to meet our Maker and become like Him.

Nothing or no one will ever be as important.  He is the ultimate gift. 

Merry Christmas


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jules jules jules. the fact that such a beautiful soul {yours} is rarely in close proximity with mine makes me sad!

please. let's change this. it's my resolution.