Seasons change and . . .

So do I.

I've thought a lot lately of how I've changed. Who I am. Who I am becoming.

I'm certainly not as funny as I used to be.
My sarcasm has faded and I don't enjoy laughing at the expense of others.

My social life has dwindled significantly.
I choose to spend my time learning, serving, building solid relationships and cultivating

It's rare to find myself performing on a stage these days.
The adrenaline of fame really gets to me. Satan knows it. I write and record to inspire.

The common theme I have pulled from the above changes can be summed in a few words.

I love my Savior.
He is my priority.

The closer I draw to my loving Father in Heaven, the more compassion and love I have for the people in my life. I don't care what decisions you make, have made, or will make. I would give anything for people to feel the way I feel. I need no compliments, nods of approval, or other forms of recognition. The greatest compliment of all: for you to do all you can to live for Him.

My vocabulary is limited to express my truest feelings.

But this sense of knowing will set you free. So fight for it.


the lovebirds said...

this is beautifully written. love you for sharing. p.s. there is a chance i am coming home this weekend. you are on my hit list! xoxo

kelli case anderson said...

i love you jules. and i love this post. i was just thinking about how i need to spend more time with you. and this post is exactly why. i love listening to your music because it is so full of truth.

Becky said...

beautiful thoughts, beautiful words, beautiful music

Brissa said...

it's interesting to see how we grow and change over time. i love your honesty and the truth in this post. thank you for this.

Holly Tumpkin said...

i love this post.