2 weddings and a festival . . .

I am currently preparing my schedule to teach about 25 students.  Yikes.  What am I getting myself into?

I have the opportunity to perform  at 2 beautiful weddings this weekend (totaling 5 hours of sing time) + I get paid . . . this is what it's all about peeps.

I was also invited to perform at a festival this August (1 hour set) in Torrey, Utah for the heftiest chunk of change I've received at any given time plus 2 nights accommodation.  My jaw dropped to the floor . . . literally, my mouth is the biggest thing you've ever seen . . . again, this is what it's all about.

Except it's not.  That is definitely NOT what it is all about.  Nothing makes me happier than the random people who add me on facebook and are quoting my lyrics in their status updates, or the friends who send me links to random blogs who post about my music, or the numerous comments I receive via text, email, and fb messages by people who have been influenced by what I create.
THIS is what it's all about. 
It is my dream to make music to inspire, and somehow, it has happened.  
  it just baffles me.   that I have achieved my dream.

And because of all this . . . not the money, I begin making plans for recording my next CD, which I believe has the potential of being even MORE inspiring and MORE beautiful. 

the most humble of thank yous, I send your way . . .  


Karen said...

Well my jaw dropped to the floor with happiness realizing you are going to make another gem of a CD! YAY! Your #1 fan Karen Stack!

Jocelyn said...

I am so happy for you Jules! That's amazing, I want to sing at weddings that sounds like a blast! If you ever need a roadie, sign me up haha. You're so cute. And your music is stunning, just like you are.

Love you! I am sad we aren't in the same ward anymore. I miss seeing your face!


Claudel GFX said...

just keep In Mind, if you do get to Sing when you're Feeling blue, everyone Around, You, will be Painted, 2o

Emily Lou said...

your voice is absolutely beautiful. i love your music. <3