flutters and greetings . . .

i think i've been having heart palpitations for about a week now? what is up with that?
my mom thinks it is  anxiety. she could possibly be correct, seeing as i was nervous i wouldn't make it back to utah, fueling my car on the spare change i had.  
but i made it back just in time to be caught in the hailstorm (don't get me started), so i don't know why i am still experiencing weird heart symptoms. 

a postman waved at me a couple of days ago while i was driving down the street.  i thought i was the only happy idiot who found it socially acceptable to smile and acknowledge other people's presence, but it feels good to know i am not alone.  yes, yes, i am one of THOSE people who will say "good (insert time of day here)" to you if I pass you while running.  and if we are in the sugar house loop, i will say it every time i pass you, while you get more and more annoyed. 

i just enjoy acknowledgment of existence.  if i see you, i'm not going to PRETEND i don't.  it is so rude when people do that, especially when i smile and wave, they keep on going as if i were literally not visible.  oh well, i will forgive those cretins.

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